Latest Covid Update

We are thrilled to be able to mix groups in our rafts, but that doesn't mean we're easing our commitment to maintaining hygiene protocols.  Here's what to expect if you visit  : 
  • We're meeting and greeting everyone outside to avoid guests entering the enclosed area of the base.  Please wait in the garden or under the sun-shades if we aren’t available straight away.

  • When you get kitted up, we’ll give you all your equipment out of the window - you do not need to come into the base.  There are changing rooms under the sails to the left of the window, or there is a yourte around the back of our building which we’d love you to get changed in!   


  • The box we give you your neoprene gear in can be used to store your dry clothes, and you can bring it back to the base and place it in lockers while you’re on the water.
  • If any of the gear we give you not the right size, please bring it back to the window so we can replace it with something different, and put the unwanted gear to be washed.
  • Please remember to bring your masks : you’ll have to wear them if you come into the base to use the toilets, look at pictures and pay.  You’ll also have to wear them in the van to get to the start of the trip (we’ll bring them back to the base for you, so you’ll get them on your return)
  • When you come back to the base, you’ll find crates for paddles, helmets and life jackets, and we’ll direct you to drop your boots and wetsuits in water so the guides can clean them.
  • All our gear (wetsuits, boots, paddles, helmets) is being cleaned using EcoWorks Marine products , which not only protects against SARS (including Covid 19) but is also ecologically friendly.  
  • It’d be great if you can arrive wearing your swimming togs - this makes the getting changed process far quicker!

We've been working hard to get the base looking good and working well, and while we've not had many human visitors yet, the wildlife is going mad in the garden!

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