Covid 19 - Summer Cancelled?

Covid 19 - Summer Cancelled?

It seems unbelievable now, but initially it didn’t occur to me the Coronavirus would have any impact on us.  I thought after a quick lockdown it’d be business as usual, with even a couple of bonus weeks to get organised at the start of the season!  Then in the middle of the night (while mulling over death tolls, financial meltdowns and the cancellations of major events) I realised it was unlikely to be business as usual for Frogs this summer.  A swift incoming / outgoing calculation, and the global pandemic became a very personal panic.

Magically, when the sun came up and I went outside for my daily dog-walk, the panic lifted, and happily it’s stayed away since.  There’s no denying it’s a worrying and frightening time, but our little team is resilient and adaptable, and most importantly we’re all healthy.  The whole world is struggling to come to terms with an unpredictable future, and it turns out a problem shared is a problem halved.  It feels important to be optimistic (socially responsible even!), although self-pity and pessimism can be tempting!  But it’s no-one’s fault and it’s refreshing to get beyond blame.  We’re all on the same team after-all, heading in the same direction, working towards a positive outcome.

While the world is still turning, summer will still come.  I’m pretty sure the sun will still shine, and there’ll still be heat in it.   The lakes will still be blue-green and inviting, the mountains will still be steep, challenging and inspiring; the rivers will still be running, and the canyons will still be calling.  The amazing people we work with will still want to run rivers, conquer canyons and scale rocks.  Lockdown will finish.  Life will go on.  And we’ll be more grateful than ever to be here to enjoy it.  At Frogs, we’ll be going with the flow and counting our blessings.  Summer won’t be cancelled (no matter what social media says!) - it’ll just be different this year: more difficult for businesses maybe, but more valuable after what we’re all going through just now.

So if making travel plans helps keep you positive and you’re hoping to get here during summer (lockdown permitting) we’re hoping to be working!  We are accepting bookings (and not taking deposits until we know trips are running), so drop us a line if you’d like any information.  

And please keep safe, be strong, stay positive

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