End of June already!

End of June already!

May and June are always great months to get on the river - the water  levels always high due to the snow melt, but this year it has been consistantly higher than usual as there's been lots of rain to maintain it.  That's been good news for all the stag and hen parties we've had, many of whom have realised through experience that the current can be stronger than it looks... 

While our old lined faces are still about, we've got some fresh blood this year: Florian is guiding rafting and hydrospeeding, and he's fresh back from South American adventures and living in a yourte he's made from bamboo just above the village of La Forclaz!  We also welcome Dan who's going to be in charge of getting you kitted out and down to the river, as well as photos - he's extending a sabattical of ski-bumming to experience what the mountains have to offer during summer.  The restaurant le Bois du Cornet, 50ms further along the road towards the Mairie in La Forclaz is under new ownership and offers fantastic grub at very reasonable prices.  

Jeremy is still about guiding white water activities, canyoning and climbing, and can tell you all about his adventures in Reunion doing the (insane) canyons there.  The fantastic and wonderful Dandan of Yaute Rafting is back too, also guiding rafting and hydrospeeding.  He spent last autumn in Columbia making the most of the white water there.  

So that's what we've been up to in 2015/16...we're looking forward to hearing more about what you've been doing and there's never been a better time: this last week has been outstanding - beautiful hot days, blue water inbetween the white water, and cloud free skies...long may it last (with a bit of rain at night to top up the river!!)  Do drop us a line if you'd like any information on any of the activities we offer: the best way is via email on info@frogsrafting.com!

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