Chile with the Tadpole

Chile with the Tadpole

Inspired by the adventures of  the wonderful Brendan (who some of you will have had as your guide during the summer, and who left for Columbia last year, and is in New Zealand as I write), we've upped and left for the southern hemisphere this winter.  We're going to do summer under the volcano Villarrica in Pucon, Chile!  Soen, Jeremy and I dropped Scout the dog off at Jeremy's mum's house (next to a farm with lots of outdoor running about space - she's on holidays too afterall), and flew 18hours across the Atlantic then the Andes to Santiago where we spent a couple of days experiencing the big smoke.  We were relieved to take a (very luxurious) bus to Pucon which is literally just under a Disney-style volcano molten lava swirling around in the crater.  The smoke which billows from it all the time is white at the moment: we only need to get anxious when it turns grey or black.  Jeremy's intending to get on the Palguin and Trancura Rivers to experience rafting on this side of the equator (and pinch some good ideas for Frogs, of course!).  

If you're interested you can follow our progress on our blog: Frogs on Tour Blog

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