White water rafting


With a maximum of 8 people in the boat, your guide will take you down rapids and through gorges, pointing out any wildlife on the way, and suggesting novel ways to go down the river.

Some people are content to float down, soaking up more of the atmosphere than the water, but for those of you after an adrenaline rush there are various ‘special detours’ your guide will help you take advantage of!

Trips are generally 2-2.5 hours in total and include a safety briefing and transportation to the take-off point.

Find out more about the different trips here: About the Trips

Frogs Rafting provide all the gear: helmets, paddles, full wetsuits, lifejackets, booties.  You just need to be able to swim 25ms, and bring a bathing suit and towel.


The Dranse

  • Classic (over 8s)
  • €40 / Person
  • In-between (Over 12s)
  • €45 / Person
  • Pro (over 16s)
  • €60 / Person

The Giffre

  • Beginner (over 6s)
  • €36 / Person

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Contact us

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