Hydrospeeds, also known as white-water sledges, are chunky bits of floaty foam shaped so you can fit the top of your body snugly into them, hold on tight and negotiate the river, getting a frog’s eye-view!  We kit you out with reinforced wetsuits (keeping you cosy and your knees nicely padded), life jackets, fins, helmet, and (most importantly) a hydrospeed.  After a lesson in how to steer, stop and read the river, you will follow your guide down the river learning about duck-diving and surfing, rolling and spinning!  This is as close as you can get to the river, and  you will learn about dealing with the currents and manoeuvring yourself (and your sledge) around obstacles.

You’ll get initiated in a calm area so you’re comfortable with the equipment and get used to steering, and when you’re ready your guide will show you how you can use the rapids, play with the rocks and surf the waves!  This is the closest you can get to the river and all that goes on in it and at the end of the trip you will have learned how to literally go with the flow!

The trip takes about 2 – 2.5 hours and you’ll get kitted out with all the equipment you need at our base, then driven down to the start point.  Your guide will brief you on how to use flippers and the hydrospeed, as well as letting you know what to expect.

Frogs Rafting provide all the material you need to be secure and comfortable: helmets, life jackets, full wetsuits, boots, flippers and hydrospeed.  All you need to bring is dry clothes, towels and your swimming togs.

The minimum age for this activitiy is 12 years old.  All participatnts should be able to swim 25ms unaided, and be confident in water.

The Dranse

Classic Trip

€55 / person
Minimum age: 12

Pro Trip

€85 / person
Minimum age: 16 (must have already hydrospeeded with us)

Level key:

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