When you're equipped in wetsuit, harness and helmet, you'll have an initial safety briefing before walking down to start the canyon.  Additional safety talks happen throughout the descent so you're not obliged to take it all on at once!  The activity is more demanding that many people realise.  It's worth double checking you're aware of what you're letting yourself in for by doing our quick quiz.

Rapids - V3 A3 II

Distance to the start - 10 min

Start - Sous la passerelle de Nyon

Finish - Cascade de Nyon

Approximate time on the water - 2hrs

Time in canyon - 2hrs

Time to return - 5 min

Biggest abseil - 22m

Difficulty - 2/5

Level -
  • Blue

Minimum age - 10

Price - €55 pp

Level key:

What it looks like

About the Trips

Trips generally last about 2 hours and the exact spot for take-off can vary depending on the water level. Guests meet us either at our base or at a designated car-park, and we will take you to the take-off point having fully kitted you out for your time on the river. Before the trip you will be fitted with helmets, full wetsuits (no worries about being cold with us!), boots and life jackets, and given a paddle. When you arrive at the take-off point, you will be given a safety briefing explaining the river and good practices while you’re on it/in it!

After your briefing you’re off! You will have a bi-lingual guide with you at all times during your descent and he knows various tricks and games should you want to play! At the end of your trip you will be taken back to your vehicle. We advise everyone to bring a towel and bathing costume with them. Children must be over 8 years of age in the raft, over 12 years of age for airboating, hydrospeeding or canyoning. All guests must be able to swim 25 metres.

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