A representative of FrogsRafting will meet guests at the designated pick up point and issue them with all the gear required for their trip (wetsuits, helmets, life jackets, paddles etc).  We will then transport you to the take off point for the trip.

All guests participating in water activities are required to be able to swim unaided for 25 meters.

All guests should bring swimming attire with them, as well as a towel and dry clothes.  Old trainers are an advantage, though not essential.

Please do not consume alcohol/drugs prior to any trip.

FrogsRafting reserves the right to refuse any person they feel is incapable of a trip or may put others in danger.

Frogsrafting does its best to ensure that every trip goes ahead.  There are instances where conditions may alter the trip, or cause its cancellation.  Should this happen, guests will always be refunded or offered an alternative.

Frogsrafting does its best to take any guest down the river, however please contact us with any special requirements you may have to ensure we can cater for you.

Any guide working for FrogsRafting is fully certified to work in France.

FrogsRafting is fully insured.

Any images taken for FrogsRafting during the trip may be used by FrogsRafting or the photographer for promotional purposes.

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