February 4, 2012

 Chilly cold weather!

 The temperature in Morzine has plummetted over the last couple of days: -13 today and lower after the sun sets!  There's loads of the white stuff though and it's staying lovely and soft - great news as long as you've invested in some good thermals...  Rumours of snow hitting the UK this evening so if you're not getting a winter holiday hope you manage to get a sledge/tea tray/ bin bag out and enjoy it chez toi! 

 We're getting organised for summer at the moment so will be updating our activities and information over the next few weeks, we're always excited about early bookings and our contact details are still the same, (info@frogsrafting.com), as are our core activities: white water rafting, gorge walking and cano-rafting!  Give us a shout if you're organising your summer hols!

January 10, 2012

 Happy New Year!

 What a fantastic snow and sunshine start to 2012 - long may it continue!  We're missing being on the river but the conditions this winter so far are keeping the water-sickness at bay, if it carries on like this we're looking at a fab spring with plenty of rapids and rafting!  Hoping all our guests and friends had a great New Year and that 2012 has got off to a good start - Morzine is certainly looking happy!


 December 21, 2011

 Arrival of the snow...

 For a tick there we wondered whether we’d be able to get the raft out over Christmas and attract frustrated skiers whitewater rafting…It turns out our anxiety about whether there would be any snow in time for Christmas seems a dim and distant memory now – it’s been tipping it down to such an extent there have been rumours of lifts not working because of too much snow!  The centre of Morzine is well covered, and it’s buzzing with Christmas spirit (and Mutzig-cheered seasonnaires!).  We’re wishing all chalet hosts the very best with their (terrifying) first week and hope they do themselves proud with Christmas dinners, and fingers crossed this beautiful powder continues well into 2012.  Wishing all our clients and guests a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012.


 October 30th, 2011

 Frogs go into hibernation!

 After a great season (many thanks again to all of you who supported us!) we're now off the water for the winter!  We'll be keeping you up to date with what's going on in Morzine throughout the winter season (which is set to be a good 'un if old wives' tales are to be believed), as well as our plans for next summer at Frogs.  While we're hibernating we'll be checking our emails regularly, so don't hesitate to contact us for any info you might like! 


October 8th, 2011

Jack and Jill went down the Dranse...in the pouring rain!  Well done to all the boys (who were definitely men that day) who did a kamakaze trip down the river - there were plenty of upside down, unmanned boats, but all were brought back safe and sound.  Thanks for being such good sports and you certainly earned a shot in the hot-tub afterwards!

081011Canorafting Dranse

September 19th, 2011

First snow over 1500ms -

And the rain below that is ensuring a great water-level on the Dranse, rising nearly a metre from morning til afternoon yesterday! We're going strong til 15th Oct, so there's still plenty going on in the 'Zine!  Get inspired by this FANTASTIC new video made for us by Zoe Dupuy from Dundrennan, Kirkcudbright, Scotland:


If you'd like to see more of Zoe's work check out her YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/zoed057


Many thanks Zoe, and to all the rest of our guests who have made all of our  trips so much of a pleasure!



August 31st, 2011


The nights are drawing in...


...but the weather's still great and the water's still there...we did one of our final trips on the Giffre this morning and found a baby snake (he was harmless) to relocate!  Sadly there wasn't enough water to canoraft the gorge:(  but there's still plenty of water on the Dranse so we're literally jumping in at every opportunity!  Well done to the guys who did the upper part the other day (especially the huge jump Mr Vertigo Sufferer!), and all the other paddlers who have  helped make Jeremy's job so much easier!  Again we'd like to thank ALL of our guests for their enthusiasm and sense of fun, it's been a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer holidays!




August 17th, 2011


It's been all go in the Alps...

 ...thanks to the glorious weather!  We've lucked out and taken loads of really fun families down both the Dranse and the Giffre in rafts, some very brave lads down the Giffre in airboats and canorafts, and three generations gorge-walking at the same time!  Pretty much everyone has commented that they had no idea how much there is to do here in summer-time, so here's a reminder if you've already been, and a taster if you're still to get here!  It's from that very clever lady at Maia Media (to whom we must say congratulations - we're sure Morzine will always have a special place in your heart! -  and all the best for  the wedding planning!)  To everyone else - get on your bike and get over here!

 Alpification from Maia Media on Vimeo.


 August 7th, 2011

 More Gorge(ous...) Walkers

 Some images from the gorge-walking adventure on Thursday morning:

050811 Gorge Walking

August 7th, 2011

10 tonnes of explosives = 70 mins of fireworks...

Headed down to Lake Annecy last night with the raft to watch the fete du lac from the lac!  70 minutes of breath-taking firework action followed by a quick dip was a fab way to finish off a great day taking two really fun and up-for-anything families down the Dranse!  I hope everyone who has been rafting and gorge walking with us in the last week has arrived back home safely with plenty of fun memories - especially well done to the ladies from the Lakes who were not convinced about rafting until they tried it out - now they're converts!

Lake Annecy Fire Works 6811

August 4th, 2011

Adventurers go Gorge-Walking

Take a peek at the up-for-anything lads staying at an Alptitude appartment who threw themselves down our new favourite gorge a mere 20 mins away from Morzine!  Well done boys and we look forward to getting you soaked on the Dranse tomorrow...

040811 Gorge Walking




July 30th, 2011

Sunny Days on the Dranse

While it's been raining buckets in Morzine we've been happily oblivious and slapping on the sun-screen down on the Dranse all week!  We've had guests making the treck up here from Dijon, and cycling down (on the terror road) from Les Gets - we can't thank you enough for making such an effort to come and join us on the river, and we're so pleased the weather rewarded the effort!  Well done too to the guys who decided to blow off the muddy downhill tracks for a musical descent (Mr Scruff's Shanty Town oddly enough), the dragon boater who upped the paddling stamina of her whole crew (Jeremy included!), and the high octane kids who biked all morning, rafted over lunch and then suggested the Indiana Parcourse for the afternoon (Mum looked less than pleased...!)

Looking forward to August and keeping fingers crossed it's dryer in the 'Zine: all guests this week were super-understanding about damp ankles in their wetsuits...any tips for drying wetsuits in torrential rain would be hugely appreciated!

July 27th, 2011

Scout vs. Bee

Bee won.  While the rest of us have been trying to make the best of the recent 'summer showers'  some pups have been learning about bees with impressive results! 


July 22nd, 2011

Frogs...The Movie

When we asked a guest for a copy of the footage from the camera strapped to her front as she belted it down the Giffre, we never knew she was only the big boss of Maia Media maiamedia.co.uk!  Not only did we hear from her, she edited, spliced (?) and did all sorts of clever technical jiggery-pokery to make this oh-so-cool airboating movie. 

Frogs Rafting from Maia Media on Vimeo.

We can't thank you enough - not only for our first action movie, but also for evidence that when it's pouring in Morzine, all is not lost: get yourself down the river! 



July 19th, 2011


Great Craic on the river!


Thanks to the two Irish families we took down the Dranse this morning for teaching Jerem a new word: 'craic'...he's been over-using it since, but apparently you were great craic in the boat!  See some pictures here: FrogsRafting/190711DranseRaftingTrip


Other things have been labelled 'not great craic': the rain, some very slow and very fast drivers, Scout (when she's misbehaving, otherwise she's great craic)!  Enjoy the rest of your hols and hope you found some sandwiches and a good place to eat them, and the Evian hot springs were a reward for braving the torrent of the Dranse!




July 14th, 2011


Bastille Day on the Dranse!


The weather improved for our trips down the Dranse this arvo: first off were the happy honeymooners and their chauffeur-ess (!) who canorafted it down very impressively: 140711DranseCanoraftingTrip.  After that we had the two families from the Scottish Borders on their action-packed holiday (including someone who has rafted rivers in Les Arcs and Scotland before the Dranse...very intimidating - hope we  lived up to expectations...!), see their adventure here: /140711DranseRaftingTrip.  Scout had a fab day too!:





July 13th, 2011


 Birthday Treats...?!


Many happy returns to the brave and ballsy kids from Manchester who braved torrential rain to airboat themselves down the Giffre today: the river was high, the weather was miserable, but they didn't even fall out - not that that saved them from a soaking!  Here's the birthday girl paddling her airboat down the rapids



Enjoy the rest of your holidays: you definitely earned your birthday dinner!  For more (very blurry) images follow this link: FrogsRafting/130711GiffreAirboatingTrip  




July 12th, 2011 




Many thanks to Zoe Dupuy for sending us this pic of Jeremy encouraging Scout to become a river dog...she's getting there!


 Jerem and Scout photo



June 29th, 2011 


Break from the City


Well done to everyone from London Town who threw themselves down the Dranse with huge enthusiasm today!  Jeremy and Thibo had a fab time getting you soaked, and said you were a pleasure to terrify, laughing all the way!  See the pix here: 290611DranseRafting



June 26th, 2011 


Back on the Dranse


We got to spend all day on the Dranse in the sunshine today - many thanks to everyone who'd taken a break from their biking to get wet, and fingers crossed you managed to locate some meat for the bbq's tonight!  Check out the pictures https://picasaweb.google.com/FrogsRafting - hope we keep up with the good weather, though it's rendering our wetsuits useless - imagine being too hot in snow-melt!   



Snow in June...

Shocked and stunned to wake up to snow on the top of the Pleney this am - where's it been all winter?!  

La Pile - causing havoc!

Many thanks to all the crews who've come down the Dranse with us the last few weeks – everyone has kept their senses of humour despite being flipped out and thrown around, specifically at La Pile! Big ups especially to everyone who took advantage of the rain and good water-level – great rafting weather, but tough to motivate yourself out of bed in the morning! Glad it was worth the effort – see evidence on FrogsRafting facebook page !



Back in Morzine and headed to Samoens yesterday to raft the Giffre. Worried for a bit there wasn’t enough water, but by the afternoon there was plenty, phew! Had a fab day throwing ourselves down the entry of the gorge of Tines, then squeezing our way through it – reckon you can just fit a creditcard between the rock and the raft at the narrowest part, so encouraged lots of breathing in by the crew (v gullible they were!). Thanks to John and Sara for being such fun!


Many thanks to the gang from TG Ski who braved the Dranse with hangovers on Saturday afternoon. Everyone looked refreshed after their trip, especially the second crew who managed to flip the boat at the infamous ‘La Pile’, good work! Have a peek at their pictures:


We are away from the ‘Zine until 8th May…in the mean time we hope there aren’t too many sore heads after the Chez Flo end of season bash, and enjoy the calm after Winter 2010/11!


Hats off to Becks and Paddy for coming with us on our first rafting trip down the Dranse yesterday!  The water was beautifully clear and chilly cold, but the wetsuits proved their worth and kept us cosy: who’d have thought we’d be in the river before the lifts have closed!  Look out for the pictures posted on facebook soon…


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