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New for 2014

Go for a different type of hike, one where you're allowed to jump in puddles (well deep pools actually) and scramble over rocks and slide down natural chutes without worrying about getting soaked or dirty!  Canyoning takes you down ravines into areas most people never get to see.  You follow the river's natural course and make the most of everything it has to offer, from natural flumes to abseiling down thundering waterfalls.  Going with a guide who speaks excellent english you'll be taught about water safety, how and where to jump safely, which chutes are good to slide down and how to walk confidently down the canyon.  The culmination of the trip is an abseil down the beautiful waterfall of Nyon: absolutely unforgettable.

Frogs Rafting provide wetsuits, ropes, harnesses and helmets, as well as transport to and from the canyon.  Guests should bring a pair of sturdy trainers (or let us know if you don't have any: we may be able to provide some if you let us know your size!).

Prices to follow...!






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    Gorge Walking
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